Gaming Laptops 2022 – Who Good?

In a couple of months, we have CES 2022 and it is going to feel weird like weird. I am not going to be there the rest of the tech space is not gone be there because it is all being done online.  A lot of the news that comes out during CES you are going to find out that the exact same time as me not all of it but a lot of it. Moreover, I think gaming laptops are going to be an interesting space. I have read the leaks, I have read tech rumors and there is some good things but there is also a lot of the same. Some of these designs will look very familiar feel very similar to the laptops you have used to in 2021. Some companies will push the envelope by making thinner gaming laptops with more horsepower inside. Other companies will release some of these crazy concepts that no one will buy but foster new ideas in the gaming space.

Gaming Laptops 2022 – Who Good?

The one company I am interested in hearing about is ASUS because in 2021 they gave us the Zephyrus G14. Now this was a cool idea a 14-inch laptop with a lot of power and it was not perfect. it could get hot, you know it had ghosting on the screen if you got the 1080p model but they're going to have a second year making this. It is going to be refined, it is going to have the latest AMD 5000 series CPUs and possible a more powerful NVidia GPU. Since you are going to see AMD laptops with higher end NVidia GPUs in 2022.

The other area that is going to be different is the displays forever we have been used to these 1920 by 1080p displays with refresh rates anywhere from 60 to 300 hertz. I think we are going to see many companies come out with QHD displays. QHD displays with high refresh rates and this is great you know, a lot of laptops you buy may not need to use a QHD display for gaming but maybe you're someone like me who loves to games but wants a higher resolution display for content creation.

I no longer need to choose between two different styles of laptops, I can just buy a gaming laptop and be able to do both other companies might mess around with the aspect ratio I have a feeling you're going to see some companies come out with may be a 16 inch display and a 16 by 10 aspect ratio. Now these QHD displays are not going to have 240 or 300 hertz refresh rates probably somewhere between 100 and 200 and that is fine.

I still think going into 2022 the sweet spot is going to be anywhere from 144 to 165 many of these games just cannot push that many frames per second. Then there is performance right AMD killed it in 2021. They made Intel look ridiculous every time. I would put out an Intel video or a laptop with an Intel processor it was oh. No AMD, no buy bro even if it was a laptop that you could not get and AMD processor in because 2021. If you wanted and RTX 2070 or a 2080 you had to get it with an Intel processor but 2022, AMD is releasing their 5000 series CPUs. These CPUs are going to be the 5900 has that is the highest clocked processor. You can get the x meaning its overclockable this is something that AMD did not do last year.

you'll still h have these and you'll still have lower variance of it but this is all going to base on the Zen 3 architecture a lot of the rumors and speculations are saying that you're going to see a 30 percent performance increase compared to the 4000 series. However, do not discount Intel yet, they may not be as competitive into the desktop market but they are still competitive in the laptop market. 2022 they're going to have the tiger lake h-series processor which is going to be based on the 10 nanometer architecture.

This is the first time for h series processors, so you can expect higher clock speeds and you are going to have core counts of up to eight just like AMD. So, I'm kind of curious to see the speed difference between both manufactures. Now GPUs going to be the same story as last year if you want the best GPU you are going to have to go NVidia. Based on some of the slides I’ve seen, the 1650 ti and the 1660 ti here to stay you'll find them in the lower end gaming laptops but then you're going to have brand new GPU cards the 30 series 3060 all the way up to the 3080 max q.

Now, the desktop 30 series got a huge performance upgrade but I do not think it is going to be sass significant in laptops. You have to remember the desktop GPUs are sucking a lot more power than they did before. You can't do that with a laptop you start sucking more power you need bigger bricks you need bigger chassis because more heat's going to be produced.

I am not for seeing a huge performance increase my guess is anywhere from 15 to 25 percent depending on the GPU buy. Now AMD is also going to have their 6000 series and am sure they will be better than the previous year. However, I still feel like they are probably going to be best in a budget to mid-range laptop as for thermals. It is the same story as every other year which laptop company is going to offer the best balance.

Some companies just love letting the CPU run really hot so you can squeeze every ounce of performance others do a better job of balancing it and others are super conservative and just like we do every single year us reviewers will review every laptop individually to find out which ones do it the best. Fan noise will still be there because these are gaming laptops and there is a lot of performance of these thin chassis. So do not expect any sort of quiet experience either way.

I’m always excited for new products and if you want to see some of the coverage coming out of 2022 make sure you're subscribed to the blog for that like the post if you like it subscribe if you haven't already and I’ll see you guys in the next.


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