5 Best Laptop Cooler (Cooling Pads) for Gaming Laptops and Notebooks


Tons of advanced laptops with powerful processors and GPUs have prepared this year and it makes us wonder how reliable they are in terms of thermal performance. Getting a laptop cooling pad however can kick that concern out of you list, as they are highly functional devices to keep you laptop’s temperature to a minimum. 

So, we are going to list here 5 best cooling pads that you might want to pair up with for your powerful gaming laptops and notebooks . Here we try our best to make you pick the best pc components, laptops and other tech gadgets with brief technical information pros and cons ratings and recommendations. Read the full post and check the links for the purchase.


Top five Laptop Cooler




Starting at number one, we have the wind laptop cooling pad by Klim. A uniquely designed model that effectively cools down most mid to large sized laptops. Now to further emphasized, its compatibility you can pair this cooling pad with laptops ranging between 12 to 19 inches in size without having any issues. As for the chassis, it features a butterfly shape with led lighting all over it that will go along quite well with gaming laptops or just make your plane laptop look neat.

Performance wise the four 120 millimeter fans have a maximum of 1400 rpm that is sufficient enough to maintain the thermal level during intensive workload. Lastly, we want to talk about the height adjustment of this leaked laptop cooling pad. It has two different settings that offer fair comfort to your hand and wrist with an anti-skid design braided cable and uniquely shaped frame. The clean wind laptop cooling pad is a decent one that most laptop owners will admire.



Compatibility: 12-19 Inch

Fans: 4, 120mm

RPM: 1400

Noise: 26dBA

Weight: 1.6 pounds



Next up at number two we have another awesome RGP cooling pad but this time from me free a highly functional cooler with a gaming oriented outlook and a useful smartphone stand. We cannot help but talk about how awesome this cooling pad looks the surface is made of metal with RGP strips on the outer corners that display seven different lighting effects.

Beneath the metal mesh frame is situated six turbo fans of various sizes that deliver 360 degrees dynamic cooling for you gaming laptop. The fans are very quiet and keep the noise level down to 20 decibels to make your life a little easier. This thing is often equipped with an LCD screen, which effortlessly lets you adjust the RGB effect fan speed and many more. You can even adjust the height for seven levels.

All thanks to its ergonomic stand the question is will it support you laptop. You bet it will this pad can support laptops from 15.6 to 21 inches which speaks for its outstanding compatibility as mentioned before it has a separate stance to gracefully dock your smartphone and use it up with the included usb 2.0 port of this pad me free. RGP laptop cooling pad will suit gaming laptops the best due to its gaming oriented outlook and intensive cooling capabilities.


Compatibility: 15.6-21 inch

Fans: 6

RPM: 1200

Noise: 20 dBA

Weight: 3.54 Pounds


3. HAVIT F2073

At number three, we have the Havit F2073 a super dynamic holding pad with greater ease of use powerful cooling and whisper quiet operation. Similar to the me free cooler this one also has a mesh surface design with three large fans beneath it that spin at a maximum speed of 100 rpm while keeping the noise level to a minimum and maintaining the tranquility of you workflow.

This cooling pad features an ergonomic design with two height adjustable settings. Alleviating angle and non-slip baffle which altogether ensures maximum docking and viewing effort. It also has some useful features that includes its touch control to seamlessly regulate the RGB and fans, two usb ports for you peripherals and a powerful witch design to power this beast up in the most convenient way possible. The pad is fully compatible and support laptops ranging between 15.6 to 17 inches in size. As for as the cooling pad goes the Havit FT2073 is an ergonomic device that creates the perfect blend of design aesthetics performance and ease of use.


Compatibility: 15.6-17 Inch

Fans: 3

RPM: 1100

USB: 2

Weight: 2.64 Pounds



Coming up at number four, we have the Massive S14 NB by Thermaltake. A minimalist cooling pad with ultra-cooling performance and adjustability for your notebook. It features a single 140 millimeter fan that is big not only in size but in airflow as well. The large fan rotates at a speed of 1000 rpm while generating an airflow of 29.3 cfm to keep you gaming notebook cool. A fan of that size and speed expected to produce quite the noise but to you surprises, it does not exceed 24.2 weighted decibels of noise even during intensive workloads.

Although the cooling pad might strike you as quite minimalist, it offers optimum height for notebooks of up to 15 inch and eliminates the need for further adjustability. Moreover, it draws up power from your notebook via its included usb cable to function. Overall, the Thermaltake Massive S14 NB is a reliable notebook cooler with a tough of minimalism and superior single fan performance, which makes it worth the mentioning.



Compatibility: Up to 15 inch

Fans: 1, 140mm

RPM: 1000

Noise: 24.2 dBA

Wight: 1.17 Pounds



Finally, at number five, we have the NOTEPAD U2 PLUS V2 by COOLER MASTER a versatile lightweight and modest laptop cooling pad with unparalleled cooling performance and super quiet operation. What makes this cooling pad superior to the other ones is its two 80 millimeter cooling fans that have a rotation speed of up to 2000 rpm and generate airflow of 31 cfm to keep your device cool.

Did we mention the super quiet functionality of this pad well it produces only 21 weighted decibels of sounds even when the fans are rotating at full speed? Surprisingly the fans are moveable which lets you adjust their position to precisely target the heat zone of your laptop and further enchain its clooing effort.

It is made of polyester fiber combined with aluminum, which is the reason behind, its unbelievably lightweight design that weights only about 1.3 pounds making it easier to carry with you wherever you go.

Talking about this awesome cooling pad compatibly, it will seamlessly support laptops up to 17 inches in size if your game or work long hours on your laptop and are looking for a cooling pad with maximum cooling potential then we highly recommend the NOTEPAD U2 PLUS V2 for you.



Compatibility: up to 17- inch

Fans: 2

RPM: 2000

Noise: 21 dBA

Wight: 1.3 Pounds


So, that was all about the top five best laptop cooling pads.


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