Laptop cleaning - Easy Way to Clean Laptop [DIY]

Laptop cleaning can be a challenge especially if you are working from home, and you are using you laptop more than usual or maybe you kids are shoving cereal into the keyboard while they are skyping with grandparents. No matter what the reason your laptop probably as soon as it could be. Let us fix that:-

How to clean your laptop?

Before we get started there are going to be liquids involved in this process so please power down you laptop and unplug it from the charge. 

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At this stage you probably do not have a removable battery anymore but if you do go ahead and take it out for now.

Just to be safe all right first things, first let us clean the outside of the laptop fix couple of drops of dishwashing liquid in couple of cups of warm water.

Some people swear by a particular brand of blue dish soap but any will do.

I like this green one because it smells like apples.

Dip a lint-free cloth your soapy water give it a good squeeze wring it all out and then give your case a good rubdown. 

Rinse out the cloth of clean water and wipe it down again. Use the dry cloth to wipe down the outside once you are done. 

You could also use this mixture on you laptop screen but be careful try using a dry cloth first especially a microfiber cloth I have come for my eye doctor but sometimes they come included with TVs or computers when you buy them.

if that doesn't get all the gunk off try your dish soap mixture again but really try to wring out as much water as you can and don't rub too hard and like we did before rinse out you silky cloth.

Wring it out again sand wipe you display to remove any soap residue then take your dry cloth and wipe the display to remove and streaking. 

Now let us look at the keyboard potentially the grossest part of the whole machine.

The goal here is to avoid getting any liquid under the keys or any more than already has to start give it a good shake over a trash can to get all the big pieces out. 

At this point a lot of people would tell you to get a can of compressed air and give the keyboard a good blow you could do that but I prefer using something like this. 

This compress air blower is super powerful does not contain any chemicals.

It can be used over and over again for a lot of things plus the brush attachment can get in between the keys and any other of all crevices.

Even you have given you keyboard a real good blow dab one of your lint-free cloths in some isopropyl alcohol and give the tops of the keys a nice rubdown.

You might be tempted to use your soapy water here but really, you do not want any water getting inside the alcohol will evaporate almost immediately.

You also use this technique on your desktop computers, keyboard and while you are there it probably would not hurt to give your mouse a quick wipe as well.

All right lets go honey for dust bunnies or any other debris hiding in your laptops events and ports grab your favorite air blowing device and point it right at the orifice of choice get the vents the USB ports and all the little nooks and crannies.

If any of those little buggers refuse to come out you can try to remove the laptop case but consult the user manual before you do and there you go hopeful your laptop's a lot less disgusting than it was before.

Free to plug it in turn it on and resume watching Netflix while you’re supposed to be working.

Do you have any of you own tips for cleaning your laptop or other devices if so leave me a comment below, see you next time.


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